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Let's Do Something Exciting!
Tooth-fairy and friends. 
Decorate a Dental box with the help from our crafty.Enjoy a dancing show with Tooth-fairy and friends surrounded, by bubbles from our Bubble blower

“Green Thumbs”  
Enjoy a hands-on planting with our friendly Gardeners, or- Create an herb garden!!!
Taste our candy-floss with rainbow colors

Sweets-from heaven 
Create your own chocolate sweets with fillings and flavors, and diddle-daddle style caramelized popcorn
Milkshake bar flows up!!!

Painting and stenciling!!!
With a Gumboots workshop 
Bring an old shirt or boots to paint and stencil on. Pick the theme of your choice.
After the craft put on your creation and learn to do gumboots in character workshop
For the thirsty workers we have a Slush puppy treat afterwards!

Theatrical Masks with Feather and Sequins!
Create your own dramatically feathered mask with a choice of sequins!!
Fresh colored candy-floss and popcorn follows

The art of glass-Glass painting and decorating Craft 
Put your own special mark on a glass as a gift for someone you love or keep for yourself to use at home!!
Each crafter gets a slush puppy drink for their hard work.

Chefs party
Get your little one’s creative juices flowing with our Little Chefs parties. Each little kook gets a chef’s hat
& apron to keep & also a take-out container to take their creations home. Our friendly & well trained staff will be on site for the duration of the workshop, to assist the little ones with their baking. We have a wide variety of Menu options to choose from; from pizza & wrap making, to mini doughnuts & sushi! All our menu’s includes a slush machine with 2 flavours of your choice.

Princess & Pirates Party 
Girl Outfits: 40 Glitzy glamorous dresses, jewellery, shoes, gloves, handbags & hair accessories
Boys Outfits: Pirate outfits
Make-up: Simple Face painting to match the theme
Craft Activity: Making of princess crowns & pirate swords
Games will also be played with the children & a variety of prizes to be won!

Victorian Tea Party
Girls Outfits: Hats, jewellery, shoes, gloves & handbags
Boys Outfits: Pirates or Super Hero
Make-up: Make-up & nails painted
Craft Activity: Baking with biscuits, icing sugar & sweets; tea cups & saucers provided
Games will also be played with the children & a variety of prizes to be won!

First birthday party themes:

Baby Einstein
Care Bears
Cars and trucks
Clifford the big red dog
Fairy Princess
Noah's Arc
Winnie the Pooh

Teenage Parties with no WORRIES!
Contact KIDDIESPARTIES.COM for the best Teen Parties from supervision to making sure the sweet 16 do not end up in a headache
  • Make Overs - at a salon that will not break daddy's bank account
  • Dance - Where the music and hotdog's is taken care of
  • Old Dark Moon mansion - Mystery and more.......................

Things To Do!
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